Individual & Group Coaching Sessions

“Everything rises and falls on leadership,” says Dr. John C. Maxwell, leadership expert, renown author, speaker, and coach.


When contracting my services to provide leadership, organizational, and/or personal development, I will incorporate some of the same curriculum and practices used by John himself.


If you want to grow, or help others to grow, choose any one or more of the listed topics below to take your business, career, or life to the next level.


I’m honored to be certified to teach these global programs to you and/or your team.

Pat Freeman with John Maxwell

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Become a Confident and Engaging Speaker

Online Course


Overcome your fears and build confidence by using proven strategies, tools, and techniques that professional speakers use every day. You will learn the benefits of using your authentic voice and personality so you can connect with your audience and feel comfortable in your own skin when you speak with groups of any size and on any subject.



Learn How To Supplement Your Income With Passive Income


FREE Webinar Replay


A Women's Empowerment Webinar: Encouraging women to build a passive income plan and know the importance of having multiple income streams.



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Turn Your Passion Into A Profitable Business In 4 Weeks! 


Do you have a passion, skill, talent, or hobby? Ever thought about becoming an entrepreneur or starting a business? Attend this 4-part in-person training on how to turn your Passion into Profits!



FREE Webinar For Aspiring & Side Gig Entrepreneurs


Do you know the basic things you need to have before you quit your job? Don’t make the mistake of prematurely quitting if you’re not clear on the basic things that can help ensure your success.



Confident Speaking Coaching

5 Week Intensive Course


This is your first step to Becoming an All-Star Speaker on Stage! This coaching program is custom-designed for Professional and Entrepreneurial-minded women who want to overcome nervousness and fear of speaking publicly to gain a competitive edge in your career and deliver impactful presentations.



Build The DREAM Coaching


Build the DREAM COACHING™ will help turn your Inspiration into ACTion and your Passion into Profits so you can start living the dream! Build your dream job, career path, passion, or other desire. 



Publish Your eBook In 7 Weeks!


Take the guesswork out of becoming an author! You can finally learn what it takes to write and publish an ebook, and sell it on Amazon - FAST and EASY! How is this so? Because you’ll have a live person (ME) to help answer questions and navigate the process.



10-Week "Dream Book" Camp


Join Pat B. Freeman in an intensive 10-week course as you learn how to write and publish your own book. In just 70 days you'll go from aspiring author to PUBLISHED AUTHOR! 



Get Your Breakthrough!

Breakthrough Speaking Topics

  • Dream Big... 7 Steps to Success!
  • Step Up To Your Dream Job
  • What Are You Waiting For? Go Get It!


Breakthrough Coaching