Become An Author In 7 Weeks

Take the guesswork out of becoming an author! You can finally learn what it takes to write and publish an ebook, and sell it on Amazon - FAST and EASY! How is this so? Because you’ll have a live person (ME) to help answer questions and navigate the process.

7-Week Group
Coaching Program




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Self-Publish Your eBook - 7 Week Challenge


This coaching program is designed for Professional and Entrepreneurial-minded women who:

  • Have a collection of poems or want to author your story?
  • Need an extra income but don’t have a plan?
  • Want to earn income with a book?
  • Have wanted to write a book forever but don’t know where to start?
  • Need a book to gain credibility and profits as a speaker, consultant, or coach?
  • Don't want to put off your dream any longer?
  • Lack the confidence or time to make it happen?



The Promise


  • You'll know what it takes to make it happen
  • You'll know where to start to make it happen
  • You'll know the process to make it happen
  • You'll know the tools to make it happen
  • You'll know the resources to make it happen
  • You'll have the right information and mindset to make it happen
  • You'll be equipped to publish and make it happen in 7 Weeks


Whatever the reason, the decision is yours. Remember, the ball is in your court. If it's going to be, it's up to you to Make It Happen!


How You Will Make it Happen

Week 1 (2 hours)
Idea and Mindset PREP


Perceive the Vision
Mindset & Breakthrough Clarity


  • Get acquainted
  • Clarify Vision
  • Identify and Define Any Problems, Barriers, Doubts, Fears
  • Disarm Dream Killers, Stealers & Fears – Change How You Think
  • The Power of Decision and Determination
  • Organize for Success
  • How to Brainstorm Idea for Book
  • Decide on the Topic/Idea for – Give it a Name/Title
  • Exercises/Homework Assignment/Videos

Weeks 2-7
Plan, Produce, Publish, Promote


Build the Vision
Foundational Information & Process

  • Plan & Produce Product
  • Cover to cover requirements
  • Book Description
  • Copyright
  • Editing
  • Pricing
  • Cover Design
  • Formatting
  • Images
  • ISBN
  • Publish
  • Promote

7 Live Coaching Sessions


90 Minutes, Wednesdays, 6:30pm - 8:00pm

  • Weekly Exercises & Homework Assignments
  • Weekly Video Tips/Lessons


Extra Support Available:

  • Recordings of all Calls (should anyone miss a session or wish to listen again)
  • Private Facebook Group at end of Session II (to build community of authors)

Bonus! $300 Value – FREE


2 Thirty-Minute One-on-One Private Coaching Calls with Pat B. Freeman as My Gift to You - a $150 Value, FREE



Pat B. Freeman, Presenter


About the Presenter


Pat B. Freeman (aka The Dream Builder) is a Women’s Leadership Empowerment Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and Vision-Builder. She is a John Maxwell certified speaker and coach, author, serial entrepreneur, and Founder of the EMPOWER 7000 initiative -- a project to empower 7000 women and girls in 2017. Pat is passionate about empowering women to achieve their Big Dreams in leadership, career development, and personal growth. Her mission is to help turn your “Inspiration into Action and Passion into Profits.


Pat is the President of NAPW Greensboro Chapter (National Association of Professional Women) – over 850,000 members nationwide. She has more than 20 years as an Administrator of Adult Education in the Community College System where she oversaw 125 faculty and staff and approximately 3,500 students annually under her leadership. She is experienced in program and staff development, preparing adults for academic success, and creating sustainable career paths. Pat is a Certified Program Planner (CPP) with LERN, Lean Six Sigma certified (Yellow Belt), holds a Master’s Degree from Campbell University, and earned her B.A. Degree from Florida State University. Pat is also the proud mother of two young adult sons who were kid entrepreneurs from age 10-16.

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