“Your experience with Pat will be life-changing. Her passion and wealth of knowledge will inspire and motivate you to be the ‘Best You’ you can be!”


— Dr. Goldie Frinks Wells


Former City Council Member/Educator

Greensboro, NC


I contracted Pat B. Freeman as a trainer for my faculty. She is a dynamic and passionate presenter with the innate ability to bring out the best in people.


Denese Johnson-Squire


Administrator, Guilford County Public Schools

Greensboro, NC

“…I feel sometimes that I’m not open-minded to the opportunities around me. You gave me a way to think about things differently, to open up my mind and have a different perspective of how to go about selling yourself, to connect with others, and network with people…to be who you are because it will come out. ”


—Sarah Eubanks


Greensboro, NC


“You are not shitting around when you talk about connection. When you’re speaking to this room, you’re taking time to pause and visually connect with people. I think you’re also mentally and emotionally connecting from your heart. I could feel your heart when you were speaking, and I really value and appreciated that. ”


—Anahita Kalianivala


Greensboro, NC

“Pat B. Freeman served as Mistress of Ceremony for a Miami gala. She can ‘turn on a dime’ in her presentation style and has the ability to engage diverse audiences.”


—Roosevelt Bradley



Maven Strategies (Consulting & Lobbying Firm)

United Brake & Clutch Service (Heavy Duty Manufacturing)

Miami, FL

“I'm the member who had to leave because I had an interview.  You could tell I was not particularly excited about this interview and you gave me 5 minutes of information on how to show my excitement.  I was offered the job but as expected, it was much, much less pay than I expected.  However, she referred me to someone who had the perfect job - both pay and experience, and she is referring me to an interview in a week when they begin the process.  You taught me a huge lesson.  Thank you so much!!!”


—Donna Robb


Greensboro, NC


“Pat Freeman is inspiring, absolutely! Her workshop was not intimidating. You did not feel bullied into speaking, rather she helped connect you with whatever missing puzzle piece you were looking for. All the light bulbs are on after you hear her speak. Thank you, Ms. Freeman.”


— Terry Anderson


Greensboro, NC





“If you need someone to speak, Pat B. Freeman can really influence and inspire any woman or women’s organization. I’ve been in business for a long time, since 1992. Even for a veteran business woman like me, her coaching insight has taught me a lot and brings a fresh prospective that reflects my company’s vision.”


—Clara Carter


Business Owner/Author

CJC Financial Resource Services (Tax Preparation)

NJCJC Associates (Business Startups)

New Jersey


“I have known Pat B. Freeman since the mid-80s. She is an ambassador to the nations. As an administrator of higher education, I understand the needs of students of all ages. Having lived abroad, Pat works exceptionally well with diverse groups and individuals.”


—Gloria J. Savage-Early


Higher Education Administrator

Conference Speaker, Author

Hampton Roads, VA